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Things to Remember

Post  Angela on Tue Dec 22, 2009 3:08 pm

Here are a few questions that have come up lately that I thought would be helpful to pass on to everyone:

1. Do not submit leads for the University of Phoenix even if the school appears in a portal.
2. In the portals, after you’ve submitted a lead, close out that browser and go back to the portal results to find another school. Even if other offers or schools appear on the “Thank You” or confirmation page, you should not submit those leads since we won’t be paid for that.
3. If someone has a diploma from a foreign country it is ok to move forward, just make sure that they are a US citizen or a permanent resident first.
4. If someone wants a campus school and they want to relocate, we cannot submit leads for them unless we have their new address. The zip code you use to find the school must match the zip code of the address when you submit the lead. Otherwise the lead will fail and we will not be paid for it.
5. If someone is not comfortable giving us their date of birth then it is ok to just ask for the birth year and fill in January 1st (or anything) for the month and date. The main thing we’re trying to get from the DOB field is the person’s age.
6. If someone is already enrolled in school and not interested, move on. If they are already enrolled but want to transfer, you may submit leads for them. If they are already enrolled, within 3 months of finishing, and interested in pursuing an advanced degree, you may submit leads for them for the advanced degree.
7. In the campus and online schools portal, if you select a program and click “Go” and then you are taken to a generic page (like instead of a lead form, that means that school is not currently accepting leads. Close out the window and try another.
8. If you receive an inbound call please answer it as if you were answering the phone (ex: Education Advising Center?). Otherwise it is confusing to the caller if they call us and we answer by saying “Can I speak to X”.


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